Why MD Management

At MD Management, we know that hard work pays off both on and off the pitch. We also know that there is a subtle margin for success. Therefore, it is necessary to have determination, the right attitude and the right people around you, so that you can focus on the hard work that needs to be done on the pitch in order to reach the absolute top-class.

We always strive to create a long- term and reliable partnership - to be there when things are going well and when things are tough. We are always extremely honest with our clients. Player development is the focus for us which also includes the individual person outside the pitch! We always customise our partnership depending on the players needs and our goal is always try to optimize the player´s career. With our extensive network of contacts, we have unique inputs in the football industry.

What we at MD Management offers:

  • Consulting
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Signing
  • Sponsorship Marketing Facilitation
  • Legal Support
  • Financial Planning Support

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